About Us

Richard Carlton Consulting has been a premier consulting company on the FileMaker platform for nearly thirty years. Founded in 1990, RCC has grown to become a dedicated staff of 34 people, and continues to grow and expand to meet our customer’s needs.

From building custom apps, making personalized CRMs, offering one-on-one training, to creating video courses, RCC has a staff it can be proud of. Our Senior Engineers have experience in a wide variety of programming experience outside of FileMaker, our Coaches guide beginners and intermediates alike into a far better understanding of building their own CRMs, and our support team is always ready to quickly respond to incoming inquiries and requests for assistance.

Whether you are looking for your own CRM, Custom App, or education, RCC’s staff stands by our mission to support the customer in improving their organizations and lives in whatever way possible.

Our current staff is scattered across the US, with our headquarters in Northern California.

Richard Carlton

CEO & Senior Engineer, RC Consulting, Inc.

Product Manager & Video Trainer, FMTraining.TV

Richard Carlton is a long time veteran of the FileMaker Community. With his 28 years of experience. Richard is best known for his video courses on the FileMaker Platform, developing “FM Starting Point” Business Software (free to everyone). Richard is involved with every facet of the FileMaker platform including: training, development of custom apps, and large scale deployments with organizations.

Richard has published numerous FileMaker Books (available on Amazon)

Richard has been a long time speaker at the FileMaker Developer Conference, and provides free webinars to answer critical questions about the FileMaker Platform. Richard Enjoys spending time with his family, their rescue cats, and working to earn his commercial pilots license.

For General Questions, Estimates, Proposals, or Free Consultations

Email us at support@rcconsulting.com