Click the image above to check out our intro video.

Click the image above to check out our intro video.


The "Try FileMaker" website is designed specifically for those who are evaluating the FileMaker platform. Watch these videos to find out if FileMaker is right for you.



Introduction - Overview

Is FileMaker a NoCode / Low Code Platform?
FileMaker isn’t no code, but it allows you to solve a tremendous number of business challenges with very little programming.  It is by far the most popular Low Code Application, with over one million daily users.
Tips for Evaluating FileMaker - Calc ROI
Look at real life examples of people using FileMaker and how it helped their organization.  Use the RCC resources to determine if FileMaker can do what you need it to.
Downloading Trial & Starter Solutions
Find out how you can get a trial version of FileMaker so you can test it out for 45 days. Download our free CRM (FMStartingPoint) to sample and test. 
FileMaker Ecosystem
The strength and resources of the FileMaker community. The many ways FileMaker users can connect to each other.  The many ways you can create with FileMaker.
The FileMaker Platform Overview
The FileMaker platform consists of many powerful products that allow you to build any type of custom solution you need.  Building and customizing databases in FileMaker is much faster than other types of database systems.
Basics of Sharing a Database
Walk through the steps on how to get your solution on a server, whether it be on cloud or stored on a local server.  Walk through the steps on how to share your solution locally with other devices on the same network. (Peer-to-peer)
What Kind of Solution can be made in FileMaker
FileMaker solutions are finding their way into a number of different business types including: training, marketing, aviation, legal, etc.

Do I need a CRM?

What is a CRM?
Watch this video to see how a CRM helps track customer needs and expectations.  Why FileMaker is a good platform for a CRM and how customization plays a big role.
Top 10 Features of a CRM
Walk through the top 10 features that are asked for in a CRM. Find out why each feature is useful for a business to have.

Common Q&A

How Much Does FileMaker Cost?
Find out how FileMaker likes to sell their product. 
Be able to understand FileMaker's sale ideas and why they chose a user license system.  If user licensing doesn’t work for you there is also an option of getting concurrent connections.
Can I Connect to Quickbooks?
Find out how you can integrate Quickbooks into FileMaker.  Be able to input your information from FileMaker to Quickbooks and get information from Quickbooks back into FileMaker. 
Does FM have Sync?
Find ways to obtain synchronization, if it is something you want.  Find out if your operation even needs synchronization.
Can I Create Reports in FileMaker?
Lets go over the steps on how you want to create a report in FileMaker.  Follow a step by step example on how to create the report through FMSP.
Is FileMaker Secure?
FileMaker has a second line of defense which is an SSL encryption certification that will encrypt your information as it travels to a server.
Can I Sync FileMaker with Google Calendar?
Find out if FileMaker supports calendar technology and see how it can be accessed in your solutions.  Find out how to get third party software to run a calendar kit in your custom app.
Can I Scan Barcodes?
Find out what options are available for barcode readers to use with FileMaker.  See what devices you can use to read barcodes.  Be able to use the barcode application on a desktop and a tablet.
Can I add Advanced Charts?
Be able to map on a global scale and even be able to pinpoint certain regions on the map.  Have the ability to make more dynamic maps that are easier to interact with.
Can I Process Credit Cards?
Be able to securely process credit card info through third party companies.  When using FileMaker to process payments it’s best not to store credit card information and comply with PCI regulations.
Can I talk to open source languages? (i.e: LaTeX)
Use LaTex to create advanced typesetting.  LaTex is open source and is more powerful and flexible compared to competitors.
Can I Scan Driver’s a License?
Use a scanner to add information to a record.  Use a scanner to look up specific information in a database.
Can I Scan FingerPrints?
Check out this video to learn how to get biometrics scanners to work with FileMaker.  Find out what can limit the scanners and your ability to use the scanners.
Can I resell my own FileMaker App?
FileMaker Inc. has a SBA program that lets you bundle your app with a copy of FileMaker.  Find out what you have to do to turn in an application for the SBA program.

FileMaker Basics

What is a Database - Part 1
Basic overview of FileMaker and Databases in general. What are outside examples of a database? Ebay is one! Database = Template = Solution.  
What is a Database - Part 2
Files, Tables, Fields, and Layouts.  Now we have relationships.  Relationships allow data from multiple tables to be displayed on a single layout at one time.   
Modes in FileMaker
Browse mode is for using the database and editing the data.  Layout mode is for customizing the look of the database.  Find mode is for executing a Search in the database.   
Browse Mode and the Delete menu item
Navigating between fields, Browse mode, and flipping between records.  Deleting records is not always a good thing, so think about that carefully.
Defining Fields in FileMaker & Jumping to Layout Mode
Learn what some options are available to you through the FileMaker tabs.  Walk through some of the fields you are able to create and see how you can edit them with the options given to you through the right panel.
Saving Data
FileMaker saves pretty much everything automatically.  There are a few caveats especially with backups and servers, we talk about those as well.
What is a Relationship? (Very Basic)
A Relationship is like a Bridge.  Super basic video that might be good for people who have no previous exposure to FileMaker.

Performing Finds & Sorts

Finding Records - Basics
"Found sets" are collections of records that match a particular find request.  Find mode focuses all user activities on the "found set."   
Finding - Multiple Requests
Learning to do finds for various items at one time as an "and" find or as an "or" find is an important skill to learn.
Finding Ranges of Dates
Performing a range search in FileMaker is one of the most useful skills to use, and to teach other FileMaker users.
Sorting Records
Sorts are limited to the current found set.  Added sorts will cause a performance hit on the database.  Automatic scripted sorts should only be used for those sorts that you actually need.   

Working on Fields & Layouts

Layouts - Available Tools
Detailed discussion of the toolbar in layout mode.  Status Toolbar.  Basic discussion of Buttons, Button Bars, and Tabs/Slides. 
Tour of the Inspector Pane - Right Side
Short discussion about naming objects, Data, Position, Appearance, Style and more.  Discuss the 2 features NOT in the Inspector -  Conditional Formatting or setting up a button.
Tour of the Object Pane - Left Side
New in the 17 release, this is a great tool to use when dealing with layout objects layers deep. You can access it in Layout Mode, it will open separate from the Inspector.  It allows you to hide certain objects as you work on the layout.
Tour of the Add-on Pane - Left Side
This is a great tool to use when dealing with layout objects layers deep. You can access it, of course, in Layout Mode and it will open up separate of the Inspector. It will highlight items on the layout as you click through the list.
Adding Fields to an existing Database
Adding new fields; finding space on an FMSP layout for new fields; and introduction to Tab Objects.  Introduction to locking objects; Aligning objects; and the format painter tool.
Container Field Introduction
Digital Document Management is now built into the base FileMaker Platform without the need for 3rd party add-ons.  Containers can store any kind of documents, but most commonly, I see scanned PDFs, Excel files, and Word files.


Calculation Engine & Work Space
We will be covering concatenating text.  If then functions - IF Statements.  IsEmpty functions; IsFull Functions (which don't exist).  Get(Thumbnail) function actually resizes an image or picture.  We also discuss the creation of Calculated container fields.
Intro to Date and Time Calculations
Go through some popular calculation workspace steps.
Be able to understand some of the functions in the calculation workspace and how to get them to work properly.
Web Viewers
Webviewers are driven by your Operating System, and are not actually rendered by FM.  Webviewers don't necessarily need to display data from the internet.  It can be told to render local HTML code.

Writing Scripts

Scripting can be easily used by beginners, it also has an advanced side for veteran users.  Make sure to use the Pro Advanced Tools to utilize all the tools available.
Intro to Script Workspace
Find out how to utilize some Pro Advance tools like the script debugger.  Walkthrough the average steps on how to create a script.
How Scripts can be activated
Find out good steps to follow to figure out where to have a script activated.  See where you are able to activate scripts and how to get it set up.  See the different options on script activation's that have been added to FileMaker within the last few years.
Understanding Context
Be able to understand how scripts work and why context plays a big role in your scripting.  Find out why planning your script in detail before creating it can save you a lot of time.
My First Script - Set Field Command
Go step by step as RC describes how to create a script that moves data around.  See how that script moves the data on a layout. 
Importing Data
It is extremely important to be aware of importing records with an existing ID field system and how to deal with that situation.  FileMaker will not directly read a PDF or Word document without the aid of a 3rd party plug-in.  360Works has a Plugin to have FileMaker integrate directly with MS word.
Exporting Data
FileMaker can export in the following file formats and more: Excel Spreadsheets (.xlsx), HTML Table (.html), FileMaker Pro (.fmp12), XML (.xml).  You cannot export multiple records with containers unless you are exporting to the FileMaker Pro format.

Mobile Device Support

Brain Dump: Everything You need to know about FileMaker Go in 20 Minutes
iOS Specific capabilities: Cameras, Signature capture, barcodes, iBeacon and GPS Coordinates.  You can not use plugins directly on Go but you can use them on FM Server and use them through Go that way.
Introduction to Input Methods for FileMaker Go
Insert From Device script step can only be set up from FM Pro, but can only be tested from FM Go.  Insert From Device script step separates FM Go from FM WebDirect. WebDirect does not support Insert From Device script step, and does not have access to the special mobile resources that may be available on the device.
Barcode Deployment Planning & Options
USB Barcode Scanning gun acts like a keyboard to input data.  Barcode Creator by Geist Interactive is a great tool that helps you generate barcodes in FileMaker.  More information on Barcode Creator here:
WebDirect - Android Client for FileMaker - Introduction
WebDirect is a representation or projection of a FileMaker solution through a web browser.  WebDirect runs the solution on the server, not on your machine or on the browser.


What is a Relationship?
Relationships and keyfields - Relationships should help you model the "real world" into a database.  Use serial numbers in primary key fields.

Table Occurrence Basics
Table Occurrences (TOs) are a MAJOR part of the FileMaker relational model.  TOs are NOT the same as a table AKA "Base Table."  Key fields relate tables to each other. 

Relationship Graph & ERDs
What is the difference between a FileMaker Relational Diagram and conventional database Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD)?  We talk about one to one, one to many, many to many relationships.


Security in FileMaker Overview
FileMaker has in addition to User Logins: File Level Encryption, Point-to-Point Encryption, File Access for Authorized Files and Audit Trails (not fundamentally built into FileMaker, but we have the tools to build them).
Accounts and Privileges
FileMaker defaults new files to "admin" and no password.
Generally speaking you want everyone that accesses the database to have their own username and password.
This allows you to track who did what in the database and also control specific privileges for certain people.

FileMaker Server and Cloud

Deployment & Sharing - Terminology
The term "Server" can refer to hardware, software, or a combination of the 2.  The term "FileMaker file" can be a "Solution", a template, a database, a Custom App(Modern Marketing Term).
Deployment & Sharing - Intro
If your file crashes, you should always roll back to your previous good backup.  FileMaker Pro can share an open file locally with up to 5 other users, or Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Sharing.  This should only be used temporarily or to test a database.
Is FileMaker Cloud Right for you?
Is FMC available in your region?  Do you need PHP Access?  Do you need server-side plug-ins?

FileMaker in the Enterprise
Deploying the FileMaker Platform requires a high performance database, with lean design, while ALSO leveraging multiple replicating servers.  Claris Corp won’t teach you how to do this, but we did, in a 5-day LiveStream event.  This summary video provides a high level overview of our implementation and deployment. The FileMaker platform CAN stretch to the Enterprise.  We did it!